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Lillian Faye Reels Em In in the ass : Real girlfriend material, Lillian Faye likes to go fishin as a hobby so weve accomodated that wish in this SCORE video. Dont know about fish but with that body, she reels the guys in. Lillian says the best part of her anatomy is her chest. She says she thinks shes a 34DDD but like most chicks, she doesnt know for sure. This is more common than most breast-men realize. Lillian is so slim that she looks extra-busty. With that small underbust, shes right on the mark with a triple D cup. Its hot at the water and Lillian is directly out in the ass sun so she does what comes naturally...take her top off. She heads over to a shady spot to play with her eatable, thick-lipped pussy and suck on her nipples. Shes terrific at nipple sucking. Many big-jugged girls cant suck their nipples they just cant bring the nipple up that high but Lillian is a champ at suckin em!
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Bliss Beats You Off fucking a big cock : In 2004, Harmony Bliss said, Myself, I like seeing the girls get all dolled up for the photo shoot, in fancy outfits, sexy lingerie, like the pin-up girls of old used to do. I dont even like all of the XXX hardcore. I like the glamour stuff more. I dont need to see cum shots and Im not a huge fan of those close-up shots. Lets move up to the present. Modeling in SCORE since 2001, Harmony decided after years of solo modeling, mainly magazine shoots, to go ahead and try a few things with guys to see if she liked it. fucking a big cock was located so Harmony could tit-fuck it and jerk it off on camera in POV style. She did an admirable job, very nice! Instead of imagining your dick sliding between her big tits, she did it for real. Mr. Dick cums in a cocktail glass she holds between her jugs and Harmony pours the semen on them. Screw the magic of imagination. The real thing is so much better. Thank you, Miss Bliss.
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Clean My Feet! cuckold clean up : Dominique is a demanding bitch of a boss who treats her employees like trash. She yells and screams and makes them jump through all the hoops she can. She barely gives them breaks. You wonder why they stick around, dont you? Maybe its because they understand that a woman in power is not only sexy, but the fact that she dominates makes for some serious, on-edge, sexual anticipation. Watch as this employee bides his time until he can wet Dominiques legs, pushing her to force him to his knees to cuckold clean up his mess. And on his knees before his goddess gams is exactly where he wants to be.
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Classy, Elegant, Ass-Fucked facial cum sex : We continue to explore the wonders of Nastaya Simmons, a 41-year-old housewife, with her first video and on-camera fuck. An anal on-camera fuck, at that, complete with a facial cum sex shot at the end. Nastaya starts out this video looking very sexy and elegant, putting on her earrings, then her panties, then her stockings so we can admire her long legs, and even when shes getting fucked in the ass, shes still elegant. Well, sort of. Elegance does have its limits.brbrNastaya was born in Russia, now lives in Southern California and describes herself as happily married. Of course shes happily married. Her hubby lets her fuck young strangers at 40SomethingMag.com!
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Danger! Highly Flammable! after a threesome : Stephanie Stalls shows off her hyper-flexibility and her dancing skills in this fresh SCORE Video. Her ringed-nipples are really pliable too. The photographer asks Stephanie whats the biggest request she gets from guys. They want a motorboat, Stephanie says, giving a demo of her twin-engined motorboating power. Man, thats speed. The Kentuckian travels the USAs strip club circuit and has won a bunch of exotic dancer awards. Wed pin one on her too but theres nothing to pin it on after a threesome few minutes of action. Dancing, stripping, boob shaking, gyrating, flexing, clitty rubbing and fingering--theres a lot going on in Stephanies videos and in between, she works up a good chat too. She looks like shed be a lot of fun in bed. In a recent SCORELAND BLOG, Dave wrote Stephanie is one girl who I cant believe hasnt fucked on camera. Blonde hair, long legs, big ass, big tits, pierced nipples, pierced clit...if any girl looks like a porn star, its Stephanie. I see Stephanie going even further than Candy has. Really raunchy, slobbering, dirty porn. Anal, too. Hey, a man can dream. See the pictorial in July 10 SCORE.
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Sexual Cheat Sheet mature a porn : This is Jaycee Taylor, a 23-year-old from Syracuse, New York. Today, Jaycee is going to show us some of her favorite sexual positions, and shes going to use her fingers and a pink dildo as visual aids. Pay attention, now! Jaycee is a student, but she wants to be mature a porn star. She likes watching football, driving fast cars, watching That 70s Show and having rough sex. Her sexual fantasy is to be double-fucked. One in her pussy, one in her ass. And if another guy wants to come around the other side and stick his cock in her mouth, shes fine with that, too. Which is why you want to study this video. If you ever get a chance with Jaycee, you want to get it right.
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The Sex Bomb Next Door in the ass : There is nothing wrong with your audio. That rattle-like sound comes from Victoria Lanes pearl necklace wrapped around her wrist like a bracelet. With that out of the way, lets get into Victoria. This is probably her most vocal video. The sex and titty talk really spills out of her and its as juicy as her succulent bod is. Victoria has found a special place in the ass hearts and privates of many Voluptuous Men. Their comments include One of the best bodies in SCORE history! wrote S.L. while Joe said, Beautiful, just stunning. If she were mine I would do anything for her. I love to use a vibrator and a vibrating dildo at the same time while I watch porn, says Victoria. In this video, Miss Lane enjoys a double-headed giant dildo.
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Alexis Silver Is A Busty Workin Girl do you have a foot fetish : Is SCORE model Alexis Silver the hardest working woman in show business? Sometimes it seems like that. She doesnt need to bother with a studio or an office, thus saving overhead expenses. With her prime real estate locations on various street corners, she also gets plenty of fresh air and vitamin-D producing sunshine, essential for strong bones so she can twist her luscious body into unusual fucking positions. She doesnt need office furniture or accessories. All she needs is a hot outfit and heels, and a place to keep the revenues she collects from her accounts. This is one smart and busty pussy. After asking the all-purpose question, What do you have a foot fetish in mind? Alexis agrees to meet Mr. Doe at a nearby couples resort for further discussion. The room Alexis picks has a swanky Grecian or Roman temple theme with a luxurious tub, a fitting place to worship dick as the god it is to females. Like we said, Alexis has good taste. They have an aggressive fuck near the tub and when he ejects his scrotal soap, she assertively grips his shaft to squeeze the remaining cum out into her mouth like shes squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of a near empty tube. Its the rare young lady who does this wonderful procedure on her own without prompting by anyone. Indeed, Alexis likes to put the honey where her mouth is. She is truly one of the great cock technicians of the last 40 years. No wonder she is in such demand.
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Tits For Rent ways to masturbation : One of the USAs best known big-titted MILFS, Amber Lynn Bach is always thinking of ways to masturbation bust the stress and the pressures of modern life that the typical American male has to deal with. By providing quality relief with her tits, lips and pussy, this angel of compassion has improved the quality of life for the many who cross her path. Right now, Ambers taken her message of hope to the streets where shes received an enthusiastic response. Guys will actually stop their vehicles in traffic to discuss important issues with her. Sometimes, the interaction gets so involved that they have to continue it in private. Ambers more than happy to spread her knowledge and advice to these gentlemen and thats why she rarely wears underwear under her short dresses. With her gracious permission, SCOREs cameras followed Amber on one of her typical days and, believe us, it was an informative and educational experience. We even assisted Amber by bringing extra towels and lube. It was a privilege to spend the afternoon with her as she did her good deeds for the day, as our footage clearly shows.
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Big Tits And A Little Silver Dress i like to cross dress : The praise for Destiny Rose comes in every time shes published on SCORELAND. Some recent comments included I hope she stays with SCORELAND for a long time. She is smoking hot and so very sexy. Choice discovery. I hope she will consider XXX action on a return trip. Dont let this one slip away! In this video, Destiny sucks on her nipples, plays with her pussy and sticks a butt plug into her sweet butt. The camera swoops in close to not miss any details. Shes got one honey of a bod. Destiny says she likes chubby guys. Size chunky. Hefty dudes. This has been touched on before. I am not exactly a skinny girl, myself, Destiny explained. And I want to be with a man who I can ride and be all over and I wont hurt him. I like it when a man has a big belly. i like to cross dress rub it and call him Buddha. I think its hot. That is why I like them bigger, so that I dont hurt them because i like to cross dress be wild! Maybe if we got her a burger-eating big-boy, shed consider going all the way for SCORELAND.
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Cowgirl Cock Round-Up she is cumming : Yee haw! Sarah Sunshine came all the way from Tennessee to make big boners shoot their ball bullets and she aims to please. Country girls who love longhorns are A-okay in our book! She loves to hunt, fish, ride her motorcycle, go camping and hiking and work on her truck. And, oh yeah, she likes to jack cocks off and make a gooey mess on her famous chest. Sarahs as good lassoing a horndog as she is cumming roping her big 32F tits. In a cinematic first, the Tennessee titty twirler pours honey on your dick before she strokes and boob-bangs it with care and lots of love until you spurt like an oil gusher.
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Racy In Red sex feet and legs : Zeta Kellie is a blond stunner with full, thick legs and thighs, which she happily showcases for you in a bright red fishnet body stocking. The netting bulges every time she moves and her zaftig legs threaten to rip through the stringy material. Watch as she touches herself and sits in the tub, wet body stocking still clinging to her voluptuous curves and then suds her sex feet and legs and shakes her big, round ass. A dirty lady getting clean never looked so good.
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Tropic of Titties in the ass : Nothing beats a cool, refreshing splash of coconut milk over a huge pair of swaying tits and Terry Nova will agree with you. Its a lot better than freezing her tits off in the ass cold back in Prague! Terry was really at home here. I would rather spend my time half naked on a beach in the ass tropics than have to go out during the fall and winter at home, Terry said through a translator. She was definitely born to be a busty island girl, romping through the surf and playing with her coconuts!
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Bed-breaking sex and threesomes Cum In Her Mouth : Im 44, and Im here to have a good time, Cassy Torri, a court reporter from New York, says at the start of this video. Hey, were all about the good time! Cassys wearing a tiny, short, pink dress that hugs her curvy body.brbr Im going to get nasty and horny, she says. She looks classy, but then the camera pans down and we can see her running her hand over her ass. I love when you talk dirty to me, she says. Maybe take the G-string off, suck it.brbr The G-string cuts through her pussy and ass, covering barely anything when shes spreading her ass cheeks.brbr I like when you stand over me, she says. Then I can really see your hard-on.brbr When Cassys stud shows up, she ignores him and keeps looking at us. Hey, whats going on here? Does Cassy want to fuck us, not him? Maybe. Its nice to think so, anyway.brbr There are two major highlights to this scenebrbr 1. When Cassy is vigorously bouncing up and down on the studs cock, the bed sounds like its going to break.brbr 2. When he cums, she sticks out her tongue for his spunk and catches a mouthful.brbr Because MILFs dont spit. They swallow.
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Sweet Little Lady : Tia Sweets is sweet for three reasons. The first is her sweet, face. She looks like such a nice girl. The second is her sweet body and all its dangerous curves. This lady has quite the bubble. And the last is her sweet BJ skills. She slobs literally on this knob, getting it all greased up with her spit, gagging on it and face fucking it with her pouty lips. And we all know that there is nothing like a sloppy BJ from a pretty, slutty chick. But that is not all that Tia has give in her sex skills set. She also backs that bubble up for some serious doggie-style. And she climbs on top of this stiff one, making her ass cheeks bounce one by one, you will love it. Youll love Tias loud, raunchy-talking, ass-jiggling fuck style, especially when she gets her ass coated in hot cum.
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Attack of the Mamazons! big tits and blowjobs : In the style of the cliffhanging serials of the 1940s, with the addition of 6 pairs of very big tits and blowjobs lots of hardcore sex, Mamazon is the story of a lost tribe of women in a forgotten jungle. Four Indiana Jones wanna-bees trek through this mysterious country in search of a mythical stone that has the legendary power to cause phenomenal breast growth. They discover that the legend is all too true when they stumble across this tribe of young, sexy, very busty women who live without men. The Mamazons are led by their cruel Queen Alexis Silver, English by birth, who was abandoned in the jungle by her family. She now rules this small band of buxom beauties. Her slave girl is Shyla Shy. The witch doctor of the tribe is Daylene Rio. Alia Janine and Rachel Love are guards, and Kali West is the tribes ingnue. The men want the stone idol for the wealth they think it can bring if its power can be commercialized. Their boss, Doctor Jacobs, claims to be a researcher but he may not be what he pretends to be. The men are quickly captured by the girls and imprisoned. But the women are curious about sex. Each of them will learn the way of the cock including the Queen and her slave in wild fuck encounters. Will the strangers survive sexing the Mamazons or will their fate at the hands of these savage bitches be a grim one? In Chapter One, the idol seekers discover the Mamazons going wild in a Lesbian orgy.
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A Peek Into Laceys Backyard have a threesome : Its time for some backyard fun with Lacey Daniels, a 23-year-old nursing student who was born in Ohio and now lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina.brbr brbr Im here to have a threesome little fun, Lacey tells us.brbr brbr What kind of fun? brbr brbr Bad girl fun! brbr brbr The fact that Lacey is studying to be a nurse doesnt surprise us because a lot of nurses are happy to show off their bodies for NaughtyMag.com. Nurses are very comfortable with being naked, which is a good thing because that makes them more open to sexual adventure. Whats Lacey open to? Click and find out!
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Shes A Berry Sexy Girl the definition of the word the : Sadie Berry is an accountant by profession but she accounts for much more than crunching numbers. No, her figures add up just fine. No matter how many times you add or subtract it, Sadie is a sensational new addition to XLGirls.com. She is the next new superstar. Beautiful. Busty. Sexy. Bootytastic. Shes the definition of the word the wholesome yet hot. In this video, Shes A Berry Sexy Girl, Sadie goes all the way with this lucky bastard after her first handjob, tit-fuck and suck-off special debut. The kind of 42J-cup delight a guy just cant get enough of. Hopefully well be seeing her again soon. She says her hobby is sex. Theres no question that theres no shortage of willing partners for Sadie to practice that hobby with. We asked her if she is into any fetishes or kinky sidelines. She says she likes food like whipped cream and chocolate. Sounds right for a Feed Her Fuck Her video. What do you think about that idea? Yea or nay? Send in your comments.
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Polka Dot Panties Show facial of cum : Roxy rhymes with foxy and there is a reason for that. This lady is fine! She likes it when you watch her, so she puts on a panty show like no other, trying on her favorite frilly and silky undies and making that bubble ass of hers shake. She gets nice and horny and invites this guy to suck on her asshole. He obliges and then she returns the favor with a sloppy and loud BJ. Youll love watching this horny, little lady on top because with every thrust her ass just wiggles! She gets banged and like a freak, she even asks to get her toes sucked! Once she has been thoroughly fucked, down to even having her ass crack fucked, she gets a healthy dose facial of cum all over her cheeks. She gladly plays with it and shakes her glazed buns like every hot girl should
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Stroker Face big tits and blowjobs : If she walks like a slut and talks like a slut, majority thinking might assume that she is a slut! Thats not always true but for Candy Manson, it is true! And even better, she enjoys being the slut for the satisfaction of every man whos interested in sluttiness. She has a sexy body, big tits and blowjobs a real fuck face. Yes, a fuck face. When you look at a fuck face, youre looking at a girl who thinks about sex constantly. Not every horny girl or porn star has a fuck face. Some girls with fuck faces like Candy become porn stars because they can get all the no-strings fucking and all the new cocks they want without all that tedious relationship junk and make a living at it. Candy Manson is one of these fuck faced porn stars. I always knew I wanted to do it, and it was just a matter of time, Candy told SCOREs dedicated editors. I love having sex with boys with big cocks, and being in porn gives me the chance to have all the sex I want with boys with big cocks. Candys cock provider asks her for three good reasons why she gives a good hands-on tug-job. Candy answers with three of the best possible reasons! We cant describe it in words. Let Candy yank it out herself.
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Alia The Warrior Learns To Fuck women with big tits and big ass : In Chapter 2 of Mamazon The Movie, the tribe of big-boobed jungle goddesses have captured the four explorers and imprisoned them in a primitive cage. It looks like theyre not going to make it out in one piece, let alone get their hands on the Mamazons idol, a stone alleged to bless women with big tits and big ass tits. Hugo is escorted out of the cage and brought to a hut where vicious queen Alexis and her followers, Rachel, Alia and Shyla, are waiting to inspect this alien creature called a man. The helpless Hugo is humiliated and tossed on the ground. Under the queens watchful gaze, the other Mamazons pull his pants down and inspect his banana. Theyve never seen this kind of appendage before and are more than curious about its purpose. What do men do with this? Queen Alexis seems to know. She tells them its for pleasuring women, a piece of information that intrigues this man-less settlement. Alexis asks for the doctor to be brought to her for questioning and Alia is ordered to return Hugo to the cage but she takes him instead to a secluded area away from the other Mamazons. Cutting his bonds, she trips him to the ground and jumps the surprised Hugo. Seeing his cock in the hut for the first time has activated a basic instinct in her and now she wants as much jungle heat as she can get! Will Hugo survive Alias ferocious, newly unleashed passion? Or will he gain the upper hand and escape?
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Foodie Time With Natalie Fiore after a threesome : SCORELAND guarantees that those cooking and food channels on television pale in comparision to Natalie Fiores video, Foodie Time With Natalie. The super-stacked babydoll is a better TV food star than any of those celebrity chefs. Whod have guessed? Then again, she surprises everyone with a new talent everytime shes here. Natalie will turn you into an Iron Cock Chef yourself as you watch what she does in the kitchen. Natalie returns to the apartment after a threesome trip to the grocery store, and with her incredible bod wrapped in that tight dress, they must have been tripping over their own feet when she strolled down the aisles. Shes brimming with plans for a food fest with her fantastic figure as the main dish. Several of our BLOG entries have asked about the subject of food play. Even if you never cared for foodie action before, Natalie may convert you to her way of thinking after you see what she does and hear what she says in her hot, accented English. She makes the perfect boobalicious buffet and, trust us, you cant afford to miss her one-woman banana contest. Natalie is always sexy but shes really outdone herself this time. Pass the honey, would you, Natalie?
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Bikini Party Girl Drinks Cum gay men fucking : Giselle Humes is one of those gorgeous, in-demand babes who doesnt want to be anything more than a fuck-toy for the horny man. Her face is flawless, her ass incredible, her body smokin. In this nearly wordless video, Giselle does everything her booty-call of the afternoon wants her to do, end of discussion. Its wall-to-wall sucking and fucking. Male power is what motivates Giselle. Her Latin background dictates that the papi chulo banging her brains out is the boss. The first time she was fucked was in her moms house. The guy was five years older than me and it hurt like hell. Giselle doesnt make romantic, lovey-dovey video crap for couples. She likes to make videos with hard gay men fucking the hell out of her beautiful bikini bod so the guys at home can bust a few nuts, alleviating the stresses of the day, and then go to sleep. After seeing this, we can say, Mission Accomplished!
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Ravishing in Blue do you like oral sex : Savannah Sweet is a real sweetheart. In fact, she is even sweeter than you think. Because Savannah is a pleaser. She understands that you like her legs, and wants to put them on display for your viewing pleasure. do you like oral sex feet, or are you into nylon and stockings? Shell accommodate you by keeping one stocking on, and leaving one leg bare. And thats because this soft-spoken sweetie is all about pleasing you. So sit back, relax and let her do all the work...she likes it that way. And youll love watching her cum while sucking on her cute, little piggies.
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Paddle That Pussy! Shave That Pussy! Fuck That Pussy! big tits and big ass galleries : The photo version of this scene took place in a warehouse. For the video, Sheri Fox takes her long, sexy red hair and big tits to a bathroom, where she gets her tits out of that latex dress in a hurry. Actually, her tits are never really in the dress, which is good for Sheri because she loves to pinch her nipples, and doing so is a lot easier when theyre not covered.brbrbr Judging by Sheris loud moans of delight, shes enjoying herself. Sheri, whos 52 and from Central Florida, is one of those women who can enjoy herself when shes with a man see her getting fucked in the ass right now at 50PlusMILFs.com or by herself.brbrbr In this video, we get some great angles of Sheris big tits and big ass galleries some very intimate looks at her funkily pierced pussy. Then we get to see her paddle her pussy, which is something you dont see too often. She slides the edge of the paddle between her pussy lips, she moans louder, then she slaps her pussy harder.brbrbr At around 15 minutes, Sheri grabs a canister of shaving gel and applies it to her pussy mound. She makes a real mess with that shaving cream, then shaves off whats left of her red pussy hair. Another thing we dont get to see too often. When shes done, she washes it off, then grabs a black dildo and fucks her pussy hard.brbrbr What happens next? She cums. You cum. And if you dont, you just might be dead.
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Pool Pussy camel toe in a bikini : Its every pool boys dream. Youre out slaving away under the sun, cleaning some rich schmucks pool, wishing you were anywhere but where you are. Then some cute, little thing camel toe in a bikini starts splashing around and invites you in to play. In this case, its a dream cum true. Kita is a playful, little Asian who goes after the pool guys cock. She throws herself at him and from one second to the next hes got her bikini bottoms off and his tongue in her slit, followed soon after by his cock. Kita massages his balls as she rides his cock, and then lets him give her the pounding of her life!
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Katie Lewis Fourth Cock sex with a milf : Katie Lewis, an 18-year-old student from Alabama born in Mississippi, tells us she found out about NaughtyMag.com when she saw the website. Her interest was piqued immediately.br br I would really like to have sex with a milf real stud, said Katie, whos 59 tall and weighs 144 pounds. The tits are B-cups. The birth date is June 28, 1991.br br Katie thinks shell be better than the other girls on NaughtyMag.com, but thats for you to decide. She also said. I havent really sucked many guys dicks, so I dont know if Im good at it. This will be the fourth cock shes sucked. How did she do? Again, thats for you to decide. So go ahead. Decide.
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Drill My Juicy Peach! up the ass : Georgia Peach is 52, 128 pounds and measures 34-27-36. Her ass is not like your average white chicks bottom. She has an ass like Sara Jay. Big, round, juicy and firm. Georgia gets the cock of Johnny Rod right in her fuckin asshole. Zoom! Bang! To the moon, Georgia! What satisfies me best is laying on my back and the guy slamming his dick into my pussy and ass. First, he should build up the ass motion first. I do special ass stretching exercises first before I have anal sex. This is so it can get in there nice without hurting. Men are always complimenting me on my butt and the guys I date always want to fuck me in my ass. Thats cool because I love it. I had fun roller skating and Johnny was a dirty man. He had a good cock, thick like I like it. Boy, he really had to stuff it in!
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Taylors Tropical Titillation i like to cross dress : Taylor Steele is one of the best new discoveries of 2010. Shes from Canada and does Canada proud. She talked about her life now that she is famous from her SCORE appearances. Some people have come up to me and approached me about my SCORE modeling, which can be strange sometimes. I dont mind that because theyre always nice about it, but i like to cross dress separate the two sides of me. The Taylor you see in the magazines and videos does have a lot in common with the real me, especially the horny me. But theres also a me that the world doesnt see. i like to cross dress cook and clean in my free time and hang out with my kittens and make and edit videos. Im pretty boring. I would much rather stay home and make soup then go out and party. i like to cross dress be productive.
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Blue Movie The Video oral sex with women : One of the stunt-dicks at XLGirls was celebrating his birthday so Lilli Blue gave him the greatest gift of all. Her precious body. Did he deserve it? Who knows and who gives a damn? But Lilli really wanted his boner more than she wanted to celebrate his birthday. The first thing I look at when I check out a guy is his package and his hands, says Lilli. I like a man with swagger because that usually means hes good in bed. Like weve noted earlier, Lilli is a kinky housewife. Until my hubby introduced me to the joys of cock, I was quite the little Lesbian. I still love the taste of women, the smell of their skin. oral sex with women is a full sensory experience. And I love the feel of a hard-on, the scent of a good sex partner and the sound of his breath in my ear. You cant help but notice the tattooed words Vulneratus Non Victus on Lillis chest. Its Latin for Wounded but not conquered. She definitely enjoyed this dudes meat-spear!
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A Whole Lotta Assbition slap that ass : Kali Dreams has a lot of ambition. You might even call it, assbition. She wants to sing and she wants to dance. In fact, she winds and grinds for your viewing pleasure and her booty comes busting out of her pants. She has the kind of bubble that doesnt quit and she knows it, which is why she gives up that big, chocolate ass to this record exec. Cause she wants to be famous and sometimes to get to the top, you have to throw down the booty on some casting couch duty. Once she gets slap that ass creamed, watch her asshole pucker. Its like a preview of things to cum.
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Rachel Is Taken At Both Ends sex with a teacher videos : Queen Alexis, her consort Shyla at her side, interrogates the doctor. She wants to know his motives, realizing that he wants to take their idol back to civilization. This cant happen and she will not let it happen. The Doctor and his assistant are taken back to their cage by warrior guard Rachel. She doesnt know what happened to Alia in Chapter 2 and that Alia has discovered the way of the cock. The two men soon convince Rachel that an act called sex will bring her great pleasure and before she realizes what is happening, they are in her mouth and pussy. If the Queen finds out about this transgression, it will spell certain doom. We know that the Mamazons have never had sex with any men, says Kevin to the vicious-tempered Rachel. Ive always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a teacher videos man and the mystery is killing me, Rachel says. Sex with two men is even better, says Kevin. Dammit, keep your mouth shut,says the doctor. After the drilling and the gusher, the men are herded back to their cage. Rachel is not fooled. Their trick didnt work on her although she enjoyed being double-fucked.
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Busty Swinger booties for women : Morgan Leigh is a busty swinger in this SCORE video and photo set. This is no lie. She does swing. Kinda. There was an old fashioned swing In the backyard of the house we were using and Morgan came up with the idea of doing a video and picture set on it. Shes wearing the perfect outfit for warm weather romping, a tube top and a tight short-shorts. As always, Morgan could teach a telephone sex operator a few tips in horny chat, if not an entire classroom of phone sex operators. Morgans got a gift for it. Now theres an idea. An on-line class booties for women in horny talk and toy play. It doesnt take her very long to strip down to complete nudity and start doing herself with the big, blue vibrator, plunging it into her tight, wet pussy as she swings back and forth. She said the sensation of toying herself on a moving swing was more fun than she thought it would be. Who knows? Morgans video may spark an uptick in garden swing sales! What would be the next step? Toying on a rollercoaster? Cum to think of it, probably not! Thank you as always, Morgan Leigh!
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Violet Goes For A Ride i want to cross dress : Violet Vanderson is a lounge singer. Violet posed because its another way of performing, except Im performing with my body instead of my voice. I guess you could say Im a showoff. I love being the center of attention. I know I have a good body, especially for my age, and i want to cross dress show it off, just like i want to cross dress show off my voice. Here Violet goes for a little ride. Theres nothing like a drive in the country. I masturbate all the time, she says. My sexual fantasy is to be a love slave. Sounds like a great fantasy. Hope it comes true for Violet.
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Clean My Shoes! she is cumming : There is one thing you need to know in business to get ahead...THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. When Chloe shows up at her shoe repairmans shop and tells him off for not cleaning her shoes properly, he tries to disagree at first, but this tiny tyrant makes him change his tune. He takes her to the back of the shop where she orders him to clean her shoes with his mouth. Luckily for him, she also wants him to use his mouth on her pussy. Not only does this shopkeeper fuck her for all she is cumming worth, but he also cums on her boots so she can rub it in and make them shine. Thats what we call service.
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Wet Tee Beach Bunny top porn stars of the year : Karina Hart of KarinaHart.com has fun in the sun and on the beach! Winner of SCOREs Model top porn stars of the year contest, Karina has amassed a huge following since her debut. I used to go to clubs a lot more, when I was in school, says Karina. I still like to dance, but now I like more to go to some bar to talk with my friends and maybe have a beer or a glass of wine. I am probably not as wild as I used to be! I guess some people might say I was, but I dont think so. I mean, I have always enjoyed sex since the first time I had it, and I think about it a lot, but I do not jump into bed with every man I see. I guess I am wild compared to many other girls because how many girls take off their clothes and masturbate in front of the camera? Not many, I am sure! More power to Karina Hart! Check out her website.
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Cumming For You i have smalltits : I love to play with my pussy when Im home alone, but this is my first time doing it in front of a camera. I hope all the guys who watch it like how I look naked. i have smalltits to admit that it turns me on knowing that guys will be touching themselves while they watch me touch myself. I also want them to know that Im as tight as I look. I always have to start off slow when I play with myself-one finger, then two. I cant get much more than that in though!
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Whos Pooling Who? how to bondage : In this video, the guy thinks hes going to teach Jenny Hamilton how to bondage play pool.brbr Shooting pool is like touching a woman, he tells her. You gotta grab that rack, then you gotta break em in.brbr So much for subtlety. But it turns out she already knows how to bondage play, and shes 42, so she doesnt need much breaking in. She just about clears the table and offers a challenge.brbr If I make this shot, she says. you eat my pussy, and then I get to fuck you.brbr At this point, hes gotta be putting aside his male ego and hoping she sinks the shot, and of course, she does.brbr You think thats good? she says. Wait until you stick your dick inside my pussy.brbr He eats her pussy, of course, on the pool table where else?, then she sucks his dick, again on the pool table, and then he sticks his dick in her pussy shaved, of course. And to finish things off, he shoots his load all over her pretty face. Now who do you think won this game?
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Deep Inside Sequoia way to masturbate : Sequoia doesnt like to keep her clothes on. Our videographer starts asking her about sex, and within seconds, Sequoia is fiddling with her skirt, anxious to take it off.br br I like clothes that come off easily, she says.br br Shes wearing a matching bra and panties, which is nice, and asks, Whaddya think? We think she should take off her bra and panties, which she does, and before we know it, Sequoia is having at herself. Kudos to our videographer, by the way, for some great close-ups of Sequoia deep-fingering her meaty pussy. Then he gets under her chair so were looking straight up at her asshole as she fingers her pussy some more, then grips her ass cheeks and pulls them apart. The only way to masturbate get any closer to her would be if you were fucking her. And even then, the views wouldnt be nearly as good.
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Lillian Faye in the ass Can Can Room : Lillian Faye is one of the all-time slimmest naturally-big boobed girls to ever be in SCORE. Only a few others come close. A Ukrainian girl living in Israel named Mariana was nearly as slim as Lillian. Lillians bod is perfect for corset wearing as well as corset training. She admires herself in the dressing room mirror before masturbating with a transparent jelly toy shaped in a series of balls. At one point, Lillian gets nearly all seven inches of it up her pussy. Very impressive! It was orgasm city in the SCORE dressing room that day!
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Bad Girl Bidness a good spanking : Tia Sweets may seem like a good spanking lay, but shes a bad girl! So bad, in fact, that her sweet ass gets tossed into Booty jail so she can serve time for her crimes. But, like any smart inmate, she knows that the keys to her freedom are in the hands of someone on the inside. That someone happens to be the janitor! She offers to clean his pipes and he offers to set her free. Its not that bad a deal, either. Who wouldnt want to break Tia out of jail if she offered to break them off a piece of that sweet, pale ass?
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Wont You Take Me To Funkytown? synonyms of the : Janet Jade. The name brings tears of joy to the eyes of many SCORE Men. 38DDD is a goal many women spend lots of time and money to reach and never do. Janet is blessed by nature and she knows and appreciates it. Playing for the first time anywhere, this groovadelic Janet Jade video Wont You Take Me To Funkytown? is a boobie-jiggling, booty-shaking go-go dance party mix for the sophisticated, finger-snappin hepcats synonyms of the Boob Generation. Janet, the sexiest top-popper in all of motor city Detroit, funks it up in more ways than you can dream of. I really didnt start to like my boobs until I started dancing when I was 19, sez Janet. Then I realized how much guys liked them, and the attention was good. Dance, Janet! Dance!
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Kalis Caged Sex deepthroat a banana : Kali brings a meal over to one of Dr. Jacobs men, now a captive in a Mamazonian cage. She tantalizes him by rubbing her tits through the bars of this primitive prison. She feeds him deepthroat a banana in a very unique way, attracted by his man-scent. Banana feeding leads to his nipple kissing and sucking. Kali has never felt the urge this savage raider instills in her. A raw, primeval stirring for this thing called mating. Breast kissing leads to cocksucking through the bars. He promises Kali the delights of erotic heat if she will release him. She frees him and prepares for the power of the cock-god. Her sin is unknown to her Queen. The punishment for this transgression would be unthinkable. To be continued!
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Extreme Bikini Time girl for threesome : A small SCORE crew hit the beach with Lillian Faye for some extreme bikini time and then some. Shes from the other side of the USA, on the Pacific northwest coast where its a lot cloudier and cooler. She doesnt say if she wears teeny bikinis there but shes got the bod for them, for sure. Those big boulders provided a nice cover from any potential birdwatchers. Lillian could be a poster girl for threesome a beach resort. We just needed a little dog to try to pull down her bikini bottoms like in those old sun-tan lotion ads, or, in our case, a small alligator. Leaning back against the rocks, Lillian creamed her boobs with SPF50 to protect her sensitive, lily-white skin from burning in the surfside sun. A girl like her can never be over-moisturized. Shes really a total girl-next-door in every way.
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Mamalicious Mamacita woman with big ass : Angelina Castro is one hot-assed, huge-boobed sexed-up Cuban-American with a playful nature and a take-charge attitude. When Angelina wants to play horny house for the afternoon, she gets what she wants. Angelina is aggressive and when she needs a cock, she takes over until she gets the amount of inches of man-meat she wants. Do all Cubans have big asses? Mr. Largo asks, rubbing his hands all over Angelinas round butt-cheeks. Some of them but guess what? Angelina says. Im the only Castro you can fuck. All Cubans have big asses but this package comes woman with big ass boobs! She rubs her tits over her top as she says this. Thats so true, notes Mr. Largo. I havent seen girls with big asses and big tits. Angelina is not in the mood for small talk when there is fucking to do. She grabs his head and pulls it into her deep cleavage. Shut up and come fuck me! she demands. They both laugh. How big are they? he asks. Extra-fucking big! says Angelina. How big are you?! Angelina will find out how big in a few second. On her knees, she sucks and slurps his dick to the base with wet lips before they lock loins in sizzling hot fuck positions. Angelina Castro has got the sex drive of three women and she likes to keep her foot on the accelerator!
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Shars PPP Superdanglers a good spanking : Someones always commenting about my breasts, Shar said in an interview. I try to block out the negative things. Ithink its hilarious for someone to cut someone else down when they dont know them as a person. And then there are people who struggle with these jobs that are never going to go anywhere. In this economy, if someone has a commodity that they can make money off then thats a good spanking thing. Originally, someone told me about glamour modeling so Itook some pictures and sent them out. Soon enough I was modeling for different places and Iwas like, Hey, this isnt such a big deal. Ithink that if you can be aware of your sexuality and be free youll be happier. I know Iam. And it was only because Itook off my top and said, Ihave big tits! Instead of being ashamed of having big boobs Idecided to just enjoy them. And then there were people that totally liked the fact that Ihad big boobs. Everything just fit and Ifelt comfortable with what I was doing. I realized that Ilove posing nude and that Iwant to share my body with people who like what Ihave to offer. Ithink people should do whatever makes them happy and whatever theyre comfortable with. For me, Im comfortable modeling and having fun showing off my tits to all my fans.
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Shake It Then Brake It ways to masturbate : Danesha Marquels cameraman gets increasingly hornier once he and the Voluptuous model are alone in a room together. Danesha is his private peep-show girl, ready to do whatever he tells her to do. First, he has the obedient Danesha do every ass trick he can think of. She shakes it fast enough to break the sound barrier. This only whets his appetite for more. He orders her to play with her cunt and use a huge dildo ways to masturbate with. She obeys without hesitation, sucking on the dildo to moisten it for her pussy. Danesha attracts a lot of ass-lovers, which is no surprise.
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Not As Sweet As She Looks 18 year old have sex : I like to go to strip clubs to look at naked girls, says Dolce. This 18 year old have sex looks sweet and innocent, but she definitely has a naughty streak. I got on stage with my best friend and made a lot of money, Dolce says of her strip-club excursions. She took it all off on stage, but when she is wearing clothes she still bares a lot. Short skirts, short-shorts. You get the idea. Shes a bad girl with an innocent face--our fave! Check her out in this video getting naked and stuffing her pussy with a dildo. And in closing, Dolce would like to let all the guys watching this know that she loves to suck.
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Marina And Her Asshole Lawyer i need a woman : Marina is trapped in a sexless marriage, so what does she do? What most women would do She goes to an asshole lawyer. But this guy isnt a lawyer who happens to be an asshole. He actually is an asshole lawyer A lawyer who fucks Marina in her ass.brbr brbr i need a woman man who can give me what I need, Marina cryptically tells her lawyer whos sitting across from her. She becomes a bit clearer when she complains that her husband wont fuck her ass.brbr brbr So let me get this straight, the lawyer says, completely flustered. Its not the sex. Its the anal sex.brbr brbr Marina explains that ,If youre going to represent me, we need to see if my ass is worth it, and once you try it out, youll know for sure that it is.brbr brbr Of course, Marina starts by sucking his cock and having him fuck her pussy, but when the time comes...brbr brbr Give it to me. Do it in my ass, she pleads.brbr brbr One leg is up on the desk, and before we know it, her ass is filled with cock, her pussy is gaping and her hard nipples are pointing straight down.brbr brbr So, to update the old joke, What do you call a lawyer fucking Marinas ass? A good start.br
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Old School Porn Is Still The Best nude girl sucking cock : The day after the first movie camera was invented, some enterprising producer was photographing a hot nude girl sucking cock and being fucked. Back then, such endeavors were done on the sneak but today in freedom-loving countries, the joys of photographing nookie are not as restricted as they once were, thanks to the early pioneers of erotic cinema. One of the things that hasnt changed much in over 100 years of horny entertainment is the theme of the woman at home alone in need of a service-man to repair her sink, refrigerator, television, window, etc. Once the repairman is invited into her abode, the housewifedivorceebachelorettenymphomaniac proceeds to blow his toolbelt off. It is with immense pride, and encouragement from numerous pipe fitters and plumbers worldwide, that we continue with this great tradition in the story of sexy Dominique Perez and the big-dicked plumber. Enzo the hardworking plumber brings his large tool with him and proceeds to fix Dominiques sink problem to their mutual satisfaction. His work is guaranteed although Enzos pipe itself springs a messy leak all over Dominique. Green-eyed beauty Dominique is so happy, she promises to call him first if she has any more plumbing needs and to alert her girlfriends of his reliable service. The spirit of quality craftsmanship still lives despite everything being made in China these days. Old School Porn Is Still The Best is practically a recruiting video for the plumbing industry.
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BoobQuake! : Lock n load, XLGirls members. On this day, XLGirls.com debuts yet another winner in the big titty lottery. Please meet and greet Daniella Grey, a brunette stunner and brand-new exclusive discovery. Our studio worked overtime to bring her to you. Daniella starts off the video BoobQuake! with a jug-jiggling, bosom-bouncing go-go dance. The sonic booms from Daniellas breasts in motion will blow your pants clean off. We skip any kind of plot or script requiring mental labor in BoobQuake! lest it divert vital blood flow from our cocks to our brains. Daniella simply says after her dance that she needs someone to come in and fuck her. ABRAcadaBRA! We summoned one of the better stunt-cocks at XLGirls to her sexual rescue, a man who keeps his mouth shut and his dick stiff. We get it all in BoobQuake! A hot new pretty babe with a bod that will not quit. Boob play and dancing. Horny sucking and fucking. Cum-covered tits. Life is good when you are an XLGirls member. Thank you, Daniella Grey and welcome to XLGirls.com!
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Tubesteak For A Topheavy Texan porn stars and videos : Lexi Summers is a newcomer who wants to be a porn star. So she is in training for this position at SCORE HQ. Make that positions, as in missionary, cowgirl, doggie and whatever else she and her cock provider can think of. Glamour modeling is not for Lexi. She likes dick action. Lexi is 54, 158 pounds, 38-28-35 and wears a 36DDD bra. In this introductory SCORE Video for Voluptuous, Lexi shows off her curvy bod in a full-length mirror first and says what shes going to do to Jack, her booty call in the video. Jack enters the room and starts feasting on her nipples. He fucks her hangers as she sits on the edge of the bed. She blows him with an eager mouth, then lays back so he can fuck her bra-stuffers some more. She enjoys having her tits fucked and moans a lot as his meat-train rides through her high hills. He opens her legs for fucking and spears her. She moans and cries a lot while he drills her meaty cunt. Shes really digging it. This babe likes to fuck and shows it. Lexi asks him to slap her knockers while he pumps her pussy. An unusual request but she likes it. Jack drills her hard and, true to his name, strokes off on her jugs, making a mess. Was it everything you expected? the director asks Lexi. Better, she replies. Why dont you rub the cum into your tits? he says. Lexi compliantly obeys. Thats the great thing about porn stars and videos starlets. Theyre good at taking orders. Lexi will have a good time if she sticks with it.
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Shes Gone About As Far As She Can Go pictures of a big dick : Catherine, a 46-year-old divorcee from Oregon, takes over from the start of this video and lets us know what were about to see.brbrbr Today, she says, youre going to get to see me take it up the ass. I like the feeling pictures of a big dick deep inside. See my hole spread wide, cheeks pulled apart, big, big cock shoved up there. I have a nice, big stud here today with a huge cock. Youre going to see me take it deep in my ass, the way I like it. Hes gonna fuck me silly!brbrbr Are you still reading, or have you already clicked on the video? If you are still reading, you should know that when her guy shows up, Catherine says, This is Shaggy, my stud for today. She goes right for his cock and works her hands over his crotch.brbrbr Wanna stick that big dick in my ass? she asks.brbrbr Yeah, Shaggy says.brbrbr Im gonna enjoy taking that big dick up my ass. You gonna fuck me hard? she says.brbrbr Real hard, he says. As far as I can go.brbrbr And how far is that? Balls-deep. Just the way Catherine likes it.brbrbr By the way, we called her pictorial Class Ass. There is absolutely nothing classy about Catherine in this scene. Shes just slutty and hot.
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Tiffanys Out There sex in bed : I love to go to the beach, and I love to tan. Especially topless. I hate tan lines. Ill just wear a thong or a G-string so I get a really thin tan line. When I tan in a thong the guys just cant get enough of it. Theyll be there surfing or whatever, and theyll lose their boards and run into each other. Its pretty hectic, but I love the attention from guys. Im definitely an exhibitionist. I really love to have sex in bed front of people in big rooms and in orgies. Im also very aggressive and I have no problem making the first move on a guy I like.
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Slick and Shiny masturbating in class : SCOREs editor asked Anna Loren what she thought about the idea of watching herself masturbating in class a video. As he mentioned to her, I have no desire to see my balls. But Anna, who masturbates quite regularly, said That would be very cool, actually, although I might end up being a little too critical of myself. I can be that way. But I can see where it would be very cool. I mean, Im not saying I turn myself on or anything. But I might be lying there masturbating and watching one of my videos and thinking, Wow, I did that! And thinking of all you guys sitting at home, watching my video and masturbating, too...that would turn me on. Beautiful Anna doesnt seem the type of girl to be overly critical of her appearance. Quickly removing her tight clothes, she douses her gorgeous bod in oil and has a complete workout with a rubber cock, handling it with great expertise.
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Mandys Private Show : When Mandy Hudsons boyfriend shows up with a camera, she knows exactly what to do take her clothes off. This 19-year-old from Texas spends a lot of time in her bedroom at least from what weve seen of her, and she knows her way around her body. Seeing the camera, she immediately unbuttons her shirt and shows off her perfect little tits. Then she starts to take off her shorts but decides to tease us instead. Dont worry. The tease doesnt last long. Before we know it, Mandy is wagging her ass into the camera and deep-fingering her pussy in a variety of positions.br br Im kinda horny, Mandy says.br br We kinda got that idea.
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Head booty in jeans Charge : Star Armani is an executive who needs a package delivered. And by package we mean cock. And by delivered, we mean she needs a cock in her cunt. Watch as this proper exec teaches her new mail-room clerk how she likes things handled. From sloppy head to cowgirl on top of her deak, Star makes good use of her office. And when this guy drills her pussy and then cums all over her bubble butt, she plays with all of his nut because she likes the fruits of her labor.
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Models Wanted! All Positions Are Open Until Filled to make a girl cum : Theres a cocksucker born every minute, said the great P.T. Barnum. We have the proof. The model scammer is back with another sidekick this time. Answering their ad is pretty and sexy Missy Vega, a coed not used to the ways of these city slickers and their horny tactics. Or is she? Missy is asked about her special skills. There is only one skill they are interested in but listen carefully as they transmit their wills and mold Missy into exactly the kind of model they are looking for. Missy says she can use a hula-hoop so she puts on a demonstration of her hip-swiveling talents for these drooling swine. But first they have her change into a bikini so tiny, theres barely enough material to make a girl cum handkerchief. They keep spinning their trash-jive, talking Missy into taking off the bikini. Does she want the job? Yes, she does. You know where this is going. They even thoughtfully help her remove her bottoms. But then surprise, surprise, Missy turns out to want to suck and fuck as much as con man 1 wants to. He bangs her senseless on the easy chair. Will she swallow his load? And will she get fucked in more ways than one? Lets roll the videotape.
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Julia Juggs In Heat naked women sucking and fucking : Please take your hand off your mouse and put em together for Julia Juggs, a new arrival to XLGirls land and a very hot one indeed. Julias debut is a rip-roaring XXX interracial hardcore with Mr. Stone and she will be naked women sucking and fucking his lance of lust to the hilt. Julia is a burlesque performer in Las Vegas and when she descends the staircase for her booty call in this vid, youll see some of that striptease and burlesque training in her body language before the couple gets down to getting down. Being a Las Vegas baby, lets guess that Julia likes to show her cleavage like a few other Sin City hotties we know. I love to show off my boobs, so anything I wear shows them off. Low-cut tops and tight blouses with push-up bras, says Julia, whos also a kinky fetish lover into all kinds of off-the-wall sexual predilections. Her exotic looks reminded several XLGirls staffers of the famous stripper and cult model Tura Santana from the 60s Russ Meyer movies. Julia likes to play nasty and she says she wants a black shaft inside her cunt, fucking it as hard as possible. The filthy talk pours out of Julias fresh mouth as she grinds her sopping wet pussy briskly on Stones pole. But instead of washing out her mouth with soap, he fills it with his cock. Julias no frail, brittle top model type. She can take a fierce pounding from a pro stud and she gives back as good as she gets. Well see it right now. Lets hear it for a new big-chested nympho, Julia Juggs, only at XLGirls.
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Huge Tits and A String Bikini tips on a blow job : Notice anything different about Angelina Castro in this new Hardcore Special and SCORE Theater video? Youve probably caught two things. Two really big things. Huge tits! Miami super-hottie Angelina is now sporting 36G-cup wowzers. She now measures 44-28-42. That major Latin booty, well, that was always there. Angelina also appears on a Spanish-language TV show here in Miami that has roundtable panel discussions. She may be the only SCORE model ever to take her grandparents to an adult shop. She showed them dildos, lubes and other merchandise which impressed them. Her grandfather then told her about the live sex shows in Havana, Cuba before the communist revolution. Angelina talks about this, and about using the handle of an electric toothbrush as a vibrator because she needs to cum every night before she goes to sleep, in a terrific three-part SCORELAND BLOG video. Now onto The Big Show, Huge Tits and A String Bikini. This is a smokin hot POV video. Angelina models a skimpy bikini as a pre-game warm-up before she takes most excellent care of the cock with her mouth and vise-tight pussy. I hope it excites you as much as the bikini excited everyone else in the store, Angelina says before she slips out of her skimpy teddy to put it on. After the bikini show, its slick tit play that leads to a horny tits and tugs and tips on a blow job with lots of direct eye contact. Then its time for Angelina to ride hard. She pumps the hell out of the POV cock before getting under it and being drilled in doggie position and more. If youve seen Angelina sex it up before in previous SCORE videos, you know youre in for a really wild spin.
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